Actually, We Do Make Black and White Customs

Our Diamond-Dot Painting® team is the greatest. After the last article we wrote about not being able to make black and white customs anymore, we asked ourselves: “But can we?” So we hit the drawing board and tried to figure out how to overcome this problem for our DDP Family.

Actual image of us finding a solution.

We mentioned in the previous article that DMC Floss Colours only have a handful of grey shades – excluding black and white. We assumed that due to the nature of us living in a world where even within the monochromatic spectrum there were just not enough greys to make a DDP Custom look good. Or was there?

So we analysed, calculated and experimented until we finally had a solution. We adjusted our strategy and pushed out a few test subjects. The results?

Another happy client.
Close-up of black and white shades.

The results were fantastic! Therefore, we are happy to announce that we can now resume making custom black and white designs. But, just like any other design (whether colour or not), our team of “design scientists” will have to check first if your custom will look good as a black and white image.

If you are interested in going the monochrome route then drop the Custom Team an email with your image attached. They will give you their honest opinion on colouring and size. Don’t be sad if it turns out that it does not look okay. Just send another picture! We never want to send you a design of your loved ones and treasured memories that will end up looking terrible.

At Diamond-Dot Painting® we want to give you what you want. If that means hiring a group of scientists to look into redesigning and changing up the way we do things… then so be it!

You’re welcome.