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You may have noticed the following information in the details of each product:

But what exactly does it all mean? We will divide the topics into these headings:

By the end of this article, you will be able to make a confident decision when purchasing a Diamond-dot Painting® and receiving exactly what you expected.


Codes are shorter than titles. This is for ordering purposes. When a client has a problem with a design (heaven forbid) and provides us with the code for the design we can locate all that information for that particular Diamond-dot Painting®. This helps us to give you speedy feedback and sort out your problems chop-chop.

Design Type

This bit of information will tell you whether you are getting a full design or a partial design. So what exactly does this mean?

Observe! Partial design.

You will either get a partial design where you dot the outlines or a design where you only have to dot a specific area of the picture.

As for the full design, you will dot the entire print from corner to corner. Whether it is a 20×20 or a 120×120, that whole picture needs work.

Beading Type

We have two types of beads. Round resin and special sparkly beads. Both create amazing pieces. But you will have to decide what you prefer. Sparkly beads come in various sizes and shapes and have a crystal-like effect.

Below are a few of our sparkly designs:

The round resin beads are the standard bead type for most of our designs. These beads will have a shimmery effect when light touches them, giving you that beautiful sparkle effect you came to this website for.

Below are a few of our round resin designs:


This will be the size of the picture itself. If the description says a 40×50 then it does not include the excess canvas you find around the edge of the picture.

All sizes are in centimetres unless otherwise specified.

There is nothing worse than purchasing a diamond dot only to find that 30% of the price you paid is for 5cm of excess canvas all around.

Framed vs Unframed

Just to clear things up: Canvas does not refer to the design being framed. Canvas is the material used to print on.

“Framed” does not always mean that it comes with a frame and glass as shown below.

This frame and glass were purchased separately by the dotter from a framing shop.

A design that comes framed usually means it is already on a block mount.

The block mount is a wooden frame made for the canvas to be wrapped around. This means that you can hang your picture straight after completing it. However, some designs do come with a frame around it.

This is where it will say: Framed: Yes/No

Extra Information

Should there be any extra details you need to consider before placing an order then you will find this in the description tab after the image.

Do you feel confident enough to place an order and know what you are getting now? Yes? Excellent! My work here is done.

No? Aw man. Please contact us at queries@diamonddotpainting.co.za to get more information and iron out any doubts you may have.

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  1. Re the custom design, if you have a photo – and you would like it to be customed. What is the best to scan a photo in order to have the best quality?

    1. If you can scan the photo on a scanner then that would be the best for quality. If you just take a photo of the picture as closely as possible, without and other lights interfering with the picture, then our team can edit the image to try get it looking good.

  2. Good morning,
    I am looking for a mermaid to do in Aquamarine colours. Please send me pictures and sizes that are available. Thank you, Beinda

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