Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my Diamond-Dot Painting™ once I have purchased it?

When we receive your order, we will pack it and e-mail you an invoice, including the shipping charge. Once the invoiced amount is paid we’ll dispatch your order and send the tracking number. Orders will be shipped within 2 days of full payment received. To keep shipping as low as possible, we use The Courier Guy. We can use the Post Office, but that will be at your own risk. We only ship within the borders of South Africa.

How do I place an order?

You can send your order to

In your order, make sure you have provided the following:
The stock code/DDP code
Delivery address

We will contact you once we have received your order.

Do you supply shops in my area with Diamond-Dot Paintings™?

We supply shops and agents throughout South Africa. If you would like to locate the nearest agent or shop to you then head over to our “Find an Agent or Shop” page.

What is included in a Diamond-Dot Painting™ kit?

When you purchase a Diamond-Dot Painting™ (from the catalogue or a custom) you will receive the printed picture, bead applicator, bead tray, wax and all the beads required to complete the picture.

Is the Diamond-Dot Painting™ measured in millimeters or centimeters?

The prints will display their dimensions in centimeters unless specified otherwise.

How do I preserve my completed Diamond-Dot Painting™ from the elements both inside and outside?

Our recommendation would be to store it in a waterproof box frame if it will be displayed outdoors. If it is indoors, use any of the sealant products that is on our YouTube tutorials, or simply frame it.

What is the difference between a full design and a partial design?

A full design means the entire canvas will be dotted and partial design means only a part of the design is dotted.