We Stopped Making Black & White Customs (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Please read the article Actually, We Do Make Black and White Customs. We talk about our new findings and what we can do for you regarding black and white images.

It’s always a hit or miss with black and white pictures. But lately it’s been a lot of misses. We want to explain the process behind creating a custom and why we have decided to kill the black and white designs.

The Issue

The problem is that the DMC colour spectrum consists of only 500 colours. Only a hand full of those are on the grey scale. It’s not nearly enough to give the picture a decent monochromatic look. What happens is that when all the greys have been used in an image, the program starts substituting the remaining shades with grey-pinks and grey-greens.

Black and white image converted into a Diamond-dot Painting. But some shading is pink and green.
Definitely not grey.

Sometimes this looks okay. But mostly it looks off, especially if you are wanting to match your Diamond-dot Painting® with the colour scheme in your room.

The Solution

We have removed the option of converting any black and white or grey scale images into Diamond-dot Paintings. If your picture is simply desaturated (slight colour but not quite black and white) then there is still the possibility of converting it into a Diamond-dot Painting®. But this will be left to the design team to figure out.

Desaturated vs Black and White

We still encourage you to submit your images to the custom department even if you are unsure. They will give you feedback with regards to quality, size, and whether it will work as a custom Diamond-dot Painting® or not.

Check out some customs below that came out beautifully. You may just be convinced to go the full colour route!