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A group family picture will look spectacular as a Diamond-dot Painting®. We have plenty of examples from clients completing these and sending them to us. These images are of sentimental value to them. But what do you notice about each custom design of the group picture?

None of these are smaller than 70×50cm in size. This is what we will be discussing in this article to help you better understand what makes a great custom design – specifically for group photos.

We want you to be confident in what you are purchasing. The only way to help you feel confident is by educating our clients and helping them understand the thought process behind their personal custom design.

Diamond-dot Painting® is a beautiful craft that has helped many deal with anxiety, form memories and create pieces that capture the personality of a lost loved one. The team at Diamond-dot Painting® will always recommend the smallest size you can go without losing quality and detail. This is especially important to us when it comes to faces.

Example Time

Your average group picture.

We receive a lot of requests for an A3, A4 or A5 for their family photo or group picture of friends. These sizes are not suitable for such images. The detail is minimal, often not there at all. Below is the example converted into each of these sizes mentioned.

A3 (40×30cm)
A4 (30×20cm)
A5 (20×15cm)

The more detail you want to see, the more beads you need to fit into the face. That requires going up to a bigger size.

What is The Ideal Size for a Custom?

As we mentioned before, we will always quote you on the smallest size we can go without losing detail. So what does that size look like? To capture detail so that faces are recognisable, you will most likely get a 60×40cm quote for a group picture that is similar in composition as the one shown below.

A2 (60×40cm)

The faces are closer to the camera, filling a decent portion of the frame. Lighting also plays a role in this. It helps sharpen the image. If the group is quite large and faces are smaller, this size will definitely not capture anything worth looking at.

A2 (60×40cm)

An image such as this one of the large group of people will have to be quite big to get that needed detail.


Needless to say, this size can be quite daunting, especially if you are a first time dotter. The lighting in this image is also uneven. There is a slight over-exposure on some of the faces which, if the size is too small, will just look like large pale patches.

And just for fun, this is what your large group picture will look like as an A3:

A3 (40×30cm)

In Conclusion

If you are still unsure whether your image will work at any wanted size, you are more than welcome to submit your custom picture on our website, or email custom@diamonddotpainting.co.za to receive feedback.

Was this article helpful? Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comment section below.

12 Responses

  1. Hi. I tried to join mailing list and said error. How long to make up a custom picture? Of one person?

    1. Can you let us know exactly what the error says? Also, it takes 3 weeks for custom production and 2-5 days for the courier to deliver. As of yesterday, we are able to dispatch orders now. You can submit a picture on the DDP Custom page.

  2. I want to order a customised family diamond dot painting.Please give me more information on how.

  3. Good afternoon,
    I am a first time diamond dot art candidate and would like to do a diamond dot a picture of my dog. Will you be able to give me a quotation on a 70 x 60 size and will it include all the diamonds and the rest that I need to make such a picture?

    1. Good Day David

      Do you have codes for the beads you would like to purchase and if I may ask why you are wanting to purchase this amount of beads ??

  4. Do you sell Diamond Beats separate
    I need some beats for a Diamond Painting ( wrong color and to little beats )

    1. Hello Alida

      We do sell the beads separately , You can send Nicole a message on 0737197639 and she will be able to assist .

      Have a lovely day

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