Gift Card


No clue which kit to buy for your friend? Get a Gift Card instead! Multiple Gift Cards can be purchased at once. They are virtual cards so no shipping needed. Once you select the amount then add in the email address you wish to send it to along with a message. Click “Add to Basket” and checkout as you normally would.

Each Gift Card comes with a unique serial number that gets sent to the recipient. Keep it safe!

Terms & Conditions apply for both buyer and receiver of the Gift Card.

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Terms and Conditions

Diamond-Dot Painting® reserves the right to update and change the terms and conditions of Gift Cards at any time. All our usual Terms and Conditions and policies apply to Gift Cards. When you receive or send a Gift Card, you agree to these terms and conditions. It is important to read and understand them before you use or buy your Gift Card:

  1. Diamond-Dot Painting® Gift Cards are valid for three years from the date of card issue.
  2. Gift Cards can be redeemed on our online store only.
  3. Diamond-Dot Painting® Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or credit notes and cannot be returned.
  4. For purchases made using the Diamond-Dot Painting® Gift Cards, please follow our Returns Policy.
  5. Should you not utilise the full value of your Gift Card on your first purchase, a credit will remain on the card for future use.
  6. Should the card be lost or stolen and it is used then neither Diamond-Dot Painting®, or its agents will be liable for any reimbursement of any nature.

If you buy a Gift Card, you are responsible for:

  1. notifying the recipient of the Gift Card
  2. the input of the correct email address for the recipient of the Gift Card
  3. selecting the correct value for the Gift Card

If you are using the Gift Card, you are responsible for:

  1. keeping the unique code safe
  2. having access to the email the buyer has sent the Gift Card to