4 Days with Diamond-dot Painting® at Hobby-X 2020

Diamond-dot Painting® had the privilege of attending Hobby-X in March. This was at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg. It was a wonderful-stressful-exciting-chaotic event that pushed the entire DDP team to their limits. But it was FANTASTIC.


To start off with, the number of people that went to Hobby-X just to buy Diamond-dot Painting® specifically was more than we anticipated. That being said, the number of people that passed our pink stall that had no idea what this craft was all about was also astounding. Who can resist the sparkle and happiness this craft emits?

The Aisles Were Packed

Our stall most of the time.

People jammed themselves into the single aisle we had. Those who couldn’t find a spot made their way to the front of the stall to browse. Many had to come back at a later stage to view what we had. Those who knew exactly what they wanted summoned the floor staff to fetch their design. There was something for everyone, young and old.

The Setup

Setting up the stall took the entire day.

We collected as many completed designs as we could from willing customers to agents and shops. We wanted to give our inquirers plenty to look at from every corner of our little stall!

Some of the designs you see in the image above can be found on our online store:

Our stall was packed to the ceiling with stock. We made it as easy as possible to see anything and everything. All you had to do was grab and go.

The Experience Was Handy

Diamond-dot Painting® learned a lot from this expo. Things we can improve on and new layouts we want to try. Designs that worked and designs that were not so popular. Everything is a learning curve. Our goal is to make the next expo even more exciting with NEW designs!

We had a very successful Hobby-X! We thank the Hobby-X team for organising such a wonderful event. There was so much to look at and loads of food and drinks to try. You will all be excited to know that we will be there next year from the 4th to the 7th of November 2021.