The Official DDP Dictionary

A lot of words get flung around the DDP Team and Community. What does it all mean? DMC? Colour Legend? Block mount? It all sounds delicious. Can I eat it with jam? No, please don’t eat anything that you receive from Diamond-dot Painting®. Beads look like candy, but we assure you they are not.

Block Mount

Some designs come already framed on a block mount. This is a wooden frame that the canvas wraps around making it easier to hang straight after completing the design. This would be considered a “framed” design.

Not to be confused with canvas.


This is the type of material used to print the design on. The canvas can be cut to fit a bought frame or wrapped around a block mount.

Canvas does not refer to a design being “framed”.

Colour Legend

A grid of DMC colours, symbols, and packet numbers to indicate which colour belongs to which symbol. Usually found on the printed canvas or as a separate piece of paper that comes in the kit.

Custom Design

Designs that are not part of the warehouse stock that you purchase through the online store. The designs are through the submission of personal pictures from clients that get converted into a Diamond-dot Painting®.


This is a brand that sells embroidery floss colours and other products. The DMC flosses are identified by different numbers that correspond to a particular diamond colour.

Colour 208 – Lavender Very Dark

See also Floss Colour.


A person who has purchased a Diamond-dot Painting® and succumb to the addictiveness of the craft. Welcome to the group! Please introduce yourself.

“Hi, my name is Karen and I am a dotter.”

“Hello Karen.”


The beads that are used for dotting are called drills. You either get square or round drills. Diamond-dot Painting® only supply the round faceted beads.

Floss Colour

A type of colour chart used for embroidery and diamond dotting specifically. There are about 500 floss colours.

See also DMC.

LED Board

A white evenly back lit board that helps you to see clearly where to place your dots. Used if there is low light surrounding you or you are hard of seeing.

Light Pad

See LED Board

Sparkly Beads

See Special Beads.

May also be referred to as Sparkly Beads.

Special Beads

This word will appear when referring to a type of bead that is not the usual round resin kind. Special beads will have a crystal-like shimmer to them and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tool kit

Name given to your diamond dot supplies. This will generally include an applicator pen, wax, and a bead tray. You may receive a pair of tweezers in your tool kit if you have purchased a sparkly/special design.

Can’t find a word here? Leave a comment in the section below and we will define it for you and add it to the dictionary.